About Us


Grace Church began in April 1985 with a dream of having a church built on commitment to the Great Commission of Jesus. This would be a church dedicated to God's purpose as given in the Scriptures.

We began with six couples meeting in a home, and it wasn't long before we had to move to larger quarters. We met at several locations before we had the opportunity to buy the land on Pump Road and begin planning to build. Our main building was completed in April of 1998. A second building dedicated to youth and children was completed in April of 2005.

Purpose statement

Being made in God’s image you also have the wonderful capacity for enriching relationships! At Grace we want to first help people get Connected to God as Spiritual Father and Friend. This is life’s most satisfying and meaningful journey. As human beings you are made to be Connected in relationship with Him! This can be thought of as vertical life.

This vertical life creates a whole new capacity for connecting in relationship with others- horizontal life. At Grace we will work to help you Connect in meaningful horizontal life. Only when these two types of connecting take place do we discover the abundant life that God wants for us all.

By nature God has made all life to grow. Knowing, understanding, and applying God’s Word transforms life from stuck to exciting! At Grace we Grow through practical large and small group study of what God is saying about meaningful life. You can experience God’s Word come alive in your life bringing inspiring freshness and growth.

Grace church is a missional band of believers. We are committed to serving one another at our local church level and then moving beyond into Richmond and even the ends of the earth. As we Connect and Serve we intentionally move into exercise through a variety of Connect ministries - inner-city ministry, assisted living communities service, inside care, youth work, even a cup of water in His name. “He who did not come to be served, but to serve and give His life…” Mk 10:45, is still desiring to empower you for that same life style today!!

The going disciple is one who helps others connect and become fully committed followers of Christ. In going we embrace Jesus’ call to “make disciples” Matt 28:19-20. Old fashion personal relationships and individual 1-1 discipleship are at the core of our Go activities. 

We encourage every believer to embark in a “Connect-Grow-Serve-Go” lifestyle.  By intentional training and involvement in each of these aspects of growth you’ll enter into a balanced and fruitful life as Christ desires.