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Oct 06, 2019

What Culture Will We Reflect: Human Ambition or God's House?

Passage: Numbers 12:1-16

Preacher: Chris Jones

Series: Numbers - Trusting God on the Way Home


You may have heard this personal slant against someone else before. "He's not very cultured." It has been used by people to dismiss someone else's behavior or views.

The individual saying it actually means, "He's not familiar with or conforming to our culture." We're all cultured. Culture is a group's way of life, including shared beliefs, attitudes, values, ideals, and behavior. We all have been raised in a culture or cultures, but we also influence the cultures of the groups to which we belong.

This week we will cover Numbers 12:1-16. This passage highlights three highly influential people among Israel. Two of them sought to shape the culture of Israel for their own ambition, while the other was focused on God and what He had established. The New Testament presents the church like a lighthouse among the darkness of the world. Our culture as the church should shine forth as we are distinct from the people of the world, among whom we live.

In light of this text and much of the cultural climate in America, the question we should ask is, "What culture will I reflect: Human ambition or God's house?"